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Terms & Conditions

Agreement between the customer and YOHO Travels

The use and access of the website, in all the various platforms and devices, can be used and accessed by you on the condition that you may not modify or alter in any way the terms, conditions and notices contained therein. By using this website, you agree to all the terms and conditions and also their amendments in any form without any form of prior notice. You also agree that, before accessing our website, you have read all the conditions and acquainted yourself with the regulations in regard to the web pages and sites to which they apply. YOHO Travels also reserves the right to alter and modify any of the terms and conditions without any prior notice, and expects the customer to adhere to them at all times.

Policy related to Liabilities and Limitations

It should be noted with regard to policies related to liabilities and limitations that YOHO Travels is not responsible for any kind of alterations, modifications or cancellations in any programs, journeys and trips due to unforeseen circumstances, either man-made or natural, which occur due to flight cancellations, natural hazards, breakdown of transport, change in weather conditions, breakdown of machinery and equipment, illness or any unseen and unpredictable incidents. At the same time, YOHO Travels shall also not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to a person, property or otherwise in connection with accommodation, transportation or any other kind of services. Our insurance policies also do not extend to sickness, accidents, strikes, civil disturbances or other circumstances and conditions beyond our control.

Copyright and Trademark Policy

It should be noted by the customer that all information, products, contents and services displayed on are the sole and exclusive property of this website and any unauthorized use of its trademark products & services will be met upon with the strictest action against the concerned person, company or organization. Although YOHO Travels entitles you to use the website and all its information, products and services, you are not permitted to misuse them in any manner. Doing so will be followed with the strictest legal action in the court of law.

Age and responsibility

Using this website in any way makes you responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and passwords. You agree to bear all responsibility for any kind of activities which are undertaken by you through your account and password. Your use of this website also declares you to be of a legal age as prescribed by law, thus making you eligible to enter into contract and create binding reciprocal legal obligations, and that you are willing and able to discharge any liability which you may incur as a result of this website. Using this website also makes you financially responsible for all uses of this site and those using your login information.

Matters related to privacy

YOHO Travels takes all the necessary steps to protect your privacy and guarantees the safety of your personal information including the name, addresses and contact details that you share with us while using our website, In cases where we seek your personal information, you can be assured that we do so only with the goals of providing you better services in the future. However, YOHO Travels guarantees that none of that information will be shared with any third parties.

Matters related to security

While using, the user should take all security measures and precautions to ensure that whatever they decide to use is free from any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malicious codes and other items which carry the potential of causing harm or damage. It should also be noted that under no circumstances will YOHO Travels be responsible and liable for any kind of damage caused by the access of this website.


The customer should note that YOHO Travels shall not be responsible for any damages resulting for the use or misuse of this site along with all the information contained in it. YOHO Travels also reserves the exclusive right to alter and modify its website at any point of time without any prior notification. At the same time, it makes no guarantee about the accuracy, reliability and correctness of the information shared on its website.

Reliability of information

While accessing the website, the customer should always remember that under no circumstances will YOHO Travels be responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information shared on the website, and the consequential damages arising from it. YOHO Travels also reserves the exclusive right to change and update.