Maldives: so beautiful you don’t need reasons to visit it!


Maybe god decided to create a place away from the chaos, commotion and maddening rush of life. That’s how Maldives came into existence. At least, that’s what you would think upon visiting it. A collection of almost 1,192 coral islands, they are an embodiment of serenity and bliss. It has that kind of beauty which exists only in posters and postcards. Turquoise waters reveal the rich life below while a gently swaying breeze brushes against your skin. It’s easy to get carried away by the timelessness of its beauty. For adventure enthusiasts, it’s nothing less than a haven. Snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, you name it, you got it! Add to all that a culture that celebrates life in every way. Traveling to Maldives is like taking an excursion to paradise. Nobody really needs reasons to travel a trip to Maldives. It’s simply that beautiful! 1. For its sheer beauty! Let’s face it! There are few places which are as beautiful as Maldives. Somewhere, you must have come across a picture of little cottage-styled huts standing in the middle of turquoise waters. That’s a part of what Maldives has to offer. Each of the 26 atolls in Maldives is home to islands that boast splendid beaches, rich coral life and lagoons. Picture this: seated on a cabana bed, the sound of waves lapping the shores reaches your ears, for miles on end; your eyes meet the sight of sparkling light-blue water while you sit back and think about the pleasures of life. 2. A haven for water sports! Water sports are all the rage in Maldives, with snorkeling being the tourists’ favorite. What make your Delhi to Maldives family holiday really special are opportunities like swimming with sharks which resides in atolls like Ari and Baa. Diving is something not to be missed simply because it lets you explore the rich coral reefs. You are also certain to come across sea turtles, manta rays and barracuda. Other water sports which visitors to Maldives should try out are kayaking, jet skiing and sea bobbing (where you glide through the water on a water scooter). 3. Maldivian cuisine: it’s fresh and tangy! Your Maldives holidays are incomplete without trying its tangy cuisine. Also called Dhivehi cuisine, it is based on three main ingredients: coconut, starches and fish. With views of the sea and the light breeze caressing you, every meal is a satisfying experience. Some of the dishes which you should try are bis keemiya (samosa), garudhiya, saagu bondibai and huni roshi (local version of coconut bread). One common feature shared by all dishes is their freshness and the presence of local ingredients. 4. Ever heard of a shiny beach? Vadhoo Island, during nighttime, would have you think that the stories of stars falling from the sky were indeed true. However, these shiny particles are actually toxins caused by minute organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton, which secrete them when they feel threatened. Obviously, it’s a rare sight to come across. Walking across them leaves behind shiny footprints. Any speedboat that cuts through them leaves behind it a shiny trail. All in all, it’s a shiny affair altogether! 5. Does “authentic” sound cliché? Not here! Authentic is a word too frequently used nowadays, so much so that it seems to have lost its seriousness. In Maldives, however, the people have maintained their centuries old customs, practices and traditions. It should be remembered however, that authentic Maldivian culture carries the influence of several cultures, from Indian, Persian to Arab. There are many ways of experiencing this culture. Take a ferry ride and mix with the locals (dolphin sightings are bonus). Visit the ancient mosques, baths and shrines on the south and north part of the island. Attend a Boduberu (big drum) dance and if you are lucky, be invited for dinner by the locals. 6. Watching the fabulous sunset! On your next Maldives family vacation, just head out to the pier and watch the sunset. The entire experience deserves a mention in itself. For miles on end, sit back and watch the sky don various hues gradually. The sea below watches the drama unfolding above, as if lost in contemplation. In the distance, you see the silhouette of coconut trees and then perhaps a ship sailing by. Somewhere, dolphins perform impressive maneuvers in the sea, and the entire scene intoxicates you with its stillness, calmness and beauty.