8 reasons why Kerala is a monsoon delight


Kerala, located in the southwestern part of India, has been blessed generously by nature. Palm fringed beaches, mountain slopes dressed with tea plantations, exciting waterfalls and the famous backwaters that exude an aura of timelessness. The palm tree enjoys a ubiquitous presence, as do the smile on people’s faces. Accompanying this natural beauty is an ancient culture that takes its festivals and festivities seriously. It’s these factors that make Kerala one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. Visit Kerala during the monsoon however, and everything good about it suddenly becomes better. Both nature and people come together to celebrate the first showers. Waterfalls roar with delight, there is freshness in the air and people get ready for the festivities of Onam, the most popular harvest festival of Kerala. In fact, it is one of those states whose beauty is fully brought out by the monsoons. If you are planning a visit to Kerala anytime soon, try doing so during the rainy season. What awaits you will leave you delightfully surprised. In this blog, YOHO Travels tells you the 8 reasons why Kerala is a monsoon delight and what makes it a must visit during this time. Get the greatest benefits from Ayurveda treatment Kerala is famous for Ayurveda, and is one of the few states which practice it in its most authentic form. A wide range of therapeutic programs and rejuvenation therapies seek to achieve the perfect harmony of the mind, body and soul. However, to get the best benefits of Ayurveda during your Kerala trip, try visiting it during the monsoons. This is because during monsoons, the air is free from dust while the humidity enables the opening up of pores, thereby allowing the various herbal oils to sink in deeply. The moistness also hastens the elimination of toxins along with the Ayurveda treatments. The benefits of Ayurveda treatment during monsoons has also been well documented in various Ayurvedic texts. Roaring waterfalls Kerala boasts several waterfalls, and each of them is a captivating sight to come across. Several of them are great picnic spots and great for sightseeing with family and friends. Visit the famous waterfalls, during the monsoons, and you will witness them in their most glorious avatar. Fed by the continuous rains, the roaring waterfalls descend with ferocity before landing with an incredible intensity. One of the waterfalls which you should visit during your Kerala holiday is Athirappilly Falls, the largest in Kerala. Other waterfalls which come to life during this time are Palaruvi Falls, Adyanpara Falls and Meenmutty Falls. Backwater delights during monsoons Taking a ride on the backwaters during your Kerala tours in a traditional houseboat known as “kettuvallam” is always a pleasure. Equipped with several amenities to keep you comfortable, the houseboat sails elegantly on the gentle waters and takes you across the lush dense vegetation of Kerala. Along the way, you are taken past villages and hamlets, and get to see those parts of Kerala which may otherwise seem inaccessible. During the monsoons though, the entire experience can be quite different. The sound of the rain landing on the boat and the refreshed scenery are simply a treat to the eyes and ears. Whether it’s in Kumarakom, Alapuzzha, Kuttanad or Kasaragod, monsoon does wonders for the backwater ride. Beaches during monsoons? You bet! You wouldn’t think of heading out to the beaches during monsoons, right? Think twice. In Kerala, there are some beaches such as Varkala beach, which should be visited during the rainy season. This is not to say that you go out and drench yourself completely! On days, when the rain decides to take a break, you can head out to the beach with Delhi to Kerala holiday packages and observe the dance of coconut trees in the wind. Walking on the wet sands and just letting the scenic beauty sink in your eyes is a special experience. One other beach which deserves a special monsoon visit is the Marari Beach. Visiting Munnar, drenched with joy! Seasons may come and go, but Munnar remains beautiful forever! However, you should visit Munnar during monsoon during a trip to Kerala because the entire state seems to be lost in a reverie after the delightful rains. Above the mountain tops, the fog floats gently, as if lost in a thought. Taking a stroll through the tea plantations after a rainy spell rejuvenates the senses. You could head to Photo Point for enjoying some wonderful photography, relax with a boat ride at Kundala Lake and admire the flora and fauna at Eravikulam National Park. Another place which you can visit is the Mattupetty Dam where you can simply hang around, enjoy the views and enjoy a picnic. Away from the prying eyes of tourists One more reason why you should book Kerala packages during monsoon is the relatively lesser rush of tourists. Being the off season, you can be sure of not running into tourists at every corner. This allows you to enjoy the various attractions without being in a rush. Coming across beautiful scenery, you have all the time in the world to stop, stare and keep staring. Staying in a tree house Tree houses are exciting by themselves, and something you should try out with Kerala tours during monsoon. Imagine being snuggled inside your tree house and listening to the raindrops landing on your roof. A gentle fragrance emanating from the wet earth drifts into your nostrils while you sit back and relax with a cuppa in your hand. This is a special way of getting close to nature and something nobody should miss out. Welcoming monsoons with Onam One more reason to take a Delhi to Kerala family holiday during the monsoon is Onam, a harvest festival that is marked by great festivities. It is celebrated over a period of 10 days because it’s believed that King Mahabali pays a visit to his kingdom during this time. Some of the places in Kerala where you should observe Onam festivities are Trivandrum, Thrissur, Kochi and Kottayam. A crowd puller during Onam is Pulikkali Tiger Play where hundreds of people painted their bodies to resemble that of tigers and dance to the beat of traditional instruments. Another is the snake boat races. One of the most famous of these is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race which is held in Punnamada Lake which lies in close proximity to Alappuzha. Called “Chundan Vallam” in the local language, these snake boats are canoe styled boats which are almost 120ft long and paddled by almost 100 rowers. Rowers, dressed in traditional costumes, row with all their might to secure the first position while being cheered on enthusiastically by the onlookers. Well, there you have the 8 reasons which make Kerala a monsoon delight! In case you plan a trip to Kerala during monsoons with YOHO Travels, remember to visit these places and try out these activities. They will be worth it!