Top 5 hip and happening markets of Goa


Goa is simply more than its beaches. Your next Goa trip should include a visit to its various markets. You will be surprised by what they offer. From fish, sea shells to leather products, they always attract a constant stream of visitors. Taking a trip to these famous markets of Goa lets you put your bargaining skills to the test. They are also great spots for getting a taste of the local lifestyle. Looking for some jewelry, souvenirs, trinkets or other collectibles? Head to these top 5 hip and happening markets of Goa and know what the fuss is all about. Anjuna Flea Market One of the most famous markets to visit during your Goa trip is Anjuna Flea Market. A weekly market, it is set up every Wednesday in North Goa, in the quaint village of Anjuna. Visitors visiting Anjuna Beach never fail to visit this market every Wednesday, since its located so close to the beach. Some of the items on which you can lay your hands on are spices, local handicrafts, footwear, clothes, beach wear and other accessories. If you are adept at haggling, then you’ve landed at the right place. Mapusa Market Mapusa market, located in the town of Mapusa in north Goa, is a lively bazaar thronged by both locals and tourists. Visit the market any day and you will find shopkeepers and customers haggling over a variety of items like traditional handicrafts, spices, fruits, textiles, antiques and sausages. The fun doesn’t end there though. The market also displays spices of all smells and colors in little plastic bags, a tempting sight to come across. Apart from shopping, you will also get an opportunity to interact with the locals and absorb the authentic aura with Goa travel packages. Arpora Saturday Night Market One of the more interesting ways of spending a Saturday evening is visiting the Arpora Saturday night market with Delhi to Goa honeymoon packages. Located on Arpora Hill, it is one of those hippy styled markets that visitors are always eager to experience. The market is dotted with stalls reflecting diverse cultural influences. Some of the most famous items in the market are carpets, spices, hammocks, clothes and textiles. The market is always dressed in a party like atmosphere. Other items on offer are clothes, cool jewelry, bags and other accessories. Calangute Market Square The first thought that crosses your mind while visiting Calangute Market Square with Goa vacation packages is, colorful. Rows upon rows of shacks and stalls display colorful range of items, from clothing to souvenirs. An immediate sight which catches your eyes is that of trinkets, amulets and even sea shells which are a favorite with the tourists. Other items to check out for are leather, metal, textiles, carpets and other accessories. If all that shopping leaves you hungry and thirsty, help yourself to fried prawns and beer, both of which are readily available in the market. Chapora Fish Market Those who love their fish freshly caught would do well to visit the Chapora fish market with Delhi to Goa tour packages. The market, which is set up along the jetty of the River Chapora, is filled with women exhibiting their daily catch. There are a variety of fishes on offer, from prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels and pomfret. Looking at all the fishes, you could say that it is indeed, a fishy affair!